The Kuchu Diaspora Alliance-US (KDA-US)  is an Initiative for LGBT Africa by LGBT Africans in the Diaspora.


Our mission is to amplify the collective voice of our movement. We work in partnership with local activists to identify and address the needs of LGBTI refugees and asylum seekers. When the anti-homosexuality act was enacted we organized allies in the US and Europe to protest in different cities around the world. Together we are working to ensure that Ugandan LGBT refugees are brought to safety.


Since the anti-homosexuality bill was enacted on February 24, 2014 many Ugandan LGBTI people have fled violence and persecution to Kenya, South Africa and elsewhere.  Currently our work is focused on the refugees at Kakuma Camp, and Nairobi, Kenya where over 100 LGBT Ugandans are awaiting resettlement to a safe country. Cases of mistreatment, violence and abuse are  ongoing. KDA is reporting these events as they unfold on Kuchu TV.  



On December 20, 2013, the Parliament of Uganda passed the Anti-Homosexually Bill. On December 22, 2013, Victor Mukasa, a Ugandan LGBT human rights defender now living in the US, immediately provided leadership and coordination for an online meeting that brought together ten Ugandan LGBT activists in the US and European diaspora (Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway) who share a passion for the movement and have remained actively involved in the struggle since fleeing Uganda.


The primary goal of the meeting was to coordinate and mobilize strategic responses to the passage of the bill. We also identified an urgent need to begin paving a way for an organized LGBT voice in the Diaspora as many of us had felt a need for such an initiative since relocating from Uganda. Most of us only recently relocated or began fighting immigration battles  many are still fighting and many more willin the future. The presence of a well-coordinated voice in the Diaspora provides unique opportunities to handle challenges that lie ahead. Through KDA-USA, we hope to support our movement  in Uganda, to advance the LGBT Dream to other persecuted LGBTI people across the contnent.


In January and February 2014, KDA-USA organized emergency responses to the passage of the bill that included; protests at Ugandan embassies in our countries of residence, engagement with foreign affairs ministries in those countries, direct financial support to activists in Uganda, as well as issuing different forms of advocacy documents.


On February 23, 2014, the day after the Anti Homosexuality Bill was signed into law, KDA was formed. Realizing that the initiative was so broad with all the participating activists in different parts of the world, we agreed on the consolidation of KDA’s work in the different continents. The activists in the US then founded KDA-USA, narrowing our geographical location to the US while broadening our scope of operation to cover Africa.



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